Reaching 10 GW of installed solar capacity is a milestone – and to put it into perspective: this is equal to no less than the power of 1.2 billion LED bulbs[1]. REC Group, an international pioneering solar energy company with Scandinavian heritage, is proud to announce that the firm has reached this milestone. By producing innovative modules REC is leading the pack when it comes to high-end PV and superior quality. REC’s products can be found everywhere: From homes, schools and universities, sport stadiums and hospitals, to offices, places of worship, as well as supermarkets, airports, industrial facilities and farms.

Having reached the 10 GW threshold, REC modules now generate 13 TWh of clean energy, empower more than 16 million people, and mitigate millions of tons of CO2 emissions every year. Doing so, REC has always been a true frontrunner in the industry, leading when it comes to innovation: heterojunction and half-cut cell technology are just two examples where REC was amongst the first to establish as mainstream technologies. This contribution demonstrates that REC is a credible advocate for the global energy transition.

REC’s CEO Steve O’Neil states: “2019 was a great year for REC Group. Our revolutionary new REC Alpha solar panel comprises a milestone and benchmark for our company and the entire industry. With a leading power density of 217 watts per square meter, this is the high-efficiency innovation needed to further drive energy transitions and empower consumers.”