• All single serve (500ml and 600ml) Pepsi MAX bottles now made from 100% recycled plastic*

Pepsi MAX launches its new brand campaign, ‘Nothing tastes better than a 100% recycled bottle’, which puts a spotlight on the brand’s switch to 100% recycled plastic for its single serve (500ml and 600ml) bottles*.

Now consumers can enjoy their on-the-go Pepsi MAX even more, knowing the bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic*.

With placements across television, out-of-home, digital and social media, the 360 campaign aims to raise awareness of this change, encouraging consumers to recycle after use, and showing how they can feel good about choosing to drink Pepsi MAX.

Set to the sound of ‘Feeling Good’ by Nina Simone, the campaign TV advertisement shows the last drop of a bottle of Pepsi MAX being poured into a glass. Then in a turn of surprise, the leading actress proceeds to drink from the empty bottle instead of the glass. The campaign strapline, "Nothing tastes better than a 100% recycled bottle", then concludes the advert.

The campaign forms part of PepsiCo’s commitment to drive progress towards a circular economy and reducing plastic waste. The move further advances progress towards the company’s goal to use 100% recycled plastic for all its ready-to-drink beverages bottles in Great Britain by the end of 2022, announced in October last year.

Jamie Mackay, General Manager UK Beverages, PepsiCo: “Pepsi MAX is our biggest beverage brand in Great Britain, so making the switch to 100% recycled plastic bottles* will make a real difference in helping us reduce our environmental impact. We’re continuing to work towards eliminating virgin plastic from our ready-to-drink beverages and helping consumers enjoy those products knowing that what they’re drinking now has less impact on the planet.”

Alongside the Pepsi brand switch, all single serve 7UP brand bottles will be packaged and sold with 100% recycled plastic* by next month, reducing carbon emissions per bottle by roughly 40%. Earlier this year, 7UP also transitioned its bottles from green to clear plastic to better support a seamless circular economy for plastic bottles.

Helen Bird, Strategic Technical Manager - Plastics at WRAP: “As a member of the UK Plastics Pact, PepsiCo has committed to tackle the issue ‘take, make and dispose’ of its plastic packaging. It’s positive to see more of its brands incorporating very high levels of recycled content. A key challenge for companies moving to the highest levels of recycled content will be sourcing enough recycled plastic. But design changes like moving the iconic 7UP bottle into clear plastic will really help ensure more bottles are recycled back into new. And we all have a critical role to play by recycling our bottles that’s why we are asking people to Step it Up for Recycle Week.”  

Across the rest of the portfolio, the entire Naked smoothies brand, Lipton Ice Tea (500ml), Tropicana (300ml) and Tropicana Lean are already packaged and sold in bottles made from 100% recycled plastic*, with more to be announced.

 *Excluding caps and labels