Dyson’s EV announcement prompts calls for national charging strategy

British engineering company Dyson has announced that it is designing an Electric Vehicle (EV) and will launch it by 2020. The company reportedly already has 400 staff working on the project, including key staff formerly with Aston Martin and Tesla.

Commenting on the report, Matthew Trevaskis, Head of Electric Vehicles at the Renewable Energy Association said:

“There’s major opportunity for UK firms, including those not traditionally associated with the automotive supply chain, to be involved in the electric vehicle industry.

“The Government can incentivise greater domestic battery and electric vehicle manufacturing by helping to make EVs the obvious new car of choice for future consumers. Easy and accessible charging is crucial for this, and we’re calling on Government develop a strategic charging infrastructure strategy.

“Any EV charging strategy should include the introduction of smart tariffs, three-phase power supply into new homes, ubiquitous access to charging where we live, work and play, and the incorporation of renewable power and energy storage systems to reduce grid stress.

“It’s excellent to see new companies entering the space, creating new competition, and driving fresh innovation in the sector. Having already acquiring Sakti3, a solid state battery company, and being well-versed in developing electric motors, albeit on a smaller scale, Dyson may have the majority of the building blocks in place to be a real contender in the electric vehicle market.”

The REA’s Electric Vehicle sector group focuses on the deployment of EV charging infrastructure and managed charging that doesn’t adversely affect the grid. The group is looking at updating building regulations, encouraging decentralised renewable power generation and energy storage onsite at EV charge facilities, creating common standards, and raising the profile of the urgent need to develop and implement a strategic national charge strategy with civil servants, the third sector, and politicians.

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